• How to Donate

    Donate funds or auction items


Donating Funds

Making financial donations to the Ohio Relief Sale and the My Coins Count Project has never been easier!  Now you can do it through Paypal.  Paypal accepts all major credit cards or can process an electronic check using your checking account information.  It’s fast, free, and secure! (Please note: we are currently working on re-connecting our Paypal account.)

Choose from the options below or send donations to: 

Ohio Relief Sale
PO Box 62
Kidron, OH 44636 

To ensure that your congregation gets credit for a My Coins Count donation please fill out the “Add a Note” section as shown to the right.

Contact our Treasurer: Melissa Hershberger at 330-231-5837

Donating Auction Items

We begin working on requesting auction donation in April and May. If you would like to donate an item for the auction or other stands, please contact the persons below: 

  • Quilts:
    Susan Hofstetter, 330-465-5814
  • General Auction Items:
    Peter Dunn, 330-464-5501
  • Large Auction Donations (lawn mowers, etc.)
    Dean Steiner, 330-317-5778
  • Children’s Auction:
    Jenifer Hartzler, 330-243-4383
  • Food Donations:
    Delo Blough, 540-560-9595
  • Artisan’s Marketplace:
    Rachel Neiswander, 330-473-0442