Honeytown to play on Friday, August 5

Honeytown to play at the Relief Sale, August 5

Honeytown, one of Wayne County’s homegrown musical groups, will be playing at the Relief Sale on Friday evening, August 5 at 7pm.

About Honeytown...

Honeytown is a fun and upbeat four-piece group of talented musicians from Kidron, Ohio featuring Tim Shue, Nate Gundy, Kevin Himes and Toby Hazlett. The band’s eclectic musical mix, original compositions, unexpected arrangements and their tightly-blended harmonies have won them a fan base all over the Midwest. Their varied instrumentation ranging from fiddle to banjo, washboard to bass uke, accordion to percussive trash cans takes their audiences by pleasant surprise.

Honeytown has performed their unique blend of unpredictable folk Americana, rock and roll and progressive bluegrass for conventions, conferences, weddings, benefits, barbecues, house concerts, coffeehouses, and as the showcased musical guests for the Summit Choral Society’s Bluegrass Mass, The World Beloved in Akron, Ohio. They play regularly at Lehman’s Old Fashioned Hardware in Kidron, Ohio, have been the guest band for the men’s vocal ensemble, Sonnenberg Station, and were the featured adult worship band at the National Mennonite Church Convention in Columbus, Ohio in 2009.

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