Special items to be auctioned in 2016

John Deere Gator
Provia House Door

Two significant items we’d like to highlight are a brand-new John Deere Gator and an installed house door from Provia Corporation.

A group of generous donors came together this year to donate a handy-dandy John Deere Gator. Our Large Donations Coordinator worked diligently to coordinate this donation and we are happy to sell this brand-new model to benefit people around the world who have no clean water, are in the midst of war or are refugees in need to aid. Please consider buying this beautiful machine if you are in need of an all-terrain vehicle for work or play. Specs:

John Deere Gator PR-15 XUV 590i Crossover Series
Fuel-injected gas engine, twin-cylinder, 4-wheel drive
32 HP, will reach up to 45MPH

This Gator does not have power-steering. However, you may “trade in” the new unused machine to the donor and pay the difference on the added option.

Also up for auction this year is a stylish door for your home – Provia Corporation of Walnut Creek has provided us with this donation and you can even choose your style, color, etc. A display will be available at the sale so you can view your choices. When you bid on this door, you are buying both the door and the installation by an approved installer (Hartville Hardware). What a nice update for your home and wonderful donation for the Relief Sale.

Both of these special items will be auctioned in the Wood and Tool Auction on August 6.

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