The “Junk Art” Man

The “Junk Art” Man

One of the highlights of the annual Relief Sale is what the “Junk Art” Man will create this year.

Mahlon Schmucker, a long-time worker with the Ohio Relief Sale is a Junk Artist. With welder’s helmet in hand, he takes old iron tools, nuts and bolts, steel wool, hammers, knives and forks as well as variety of old farm machinery parts to design one of the more unique art pieces you’ll every find. And, he just gets better every year. Every year, the Relief Sale donation is a Nativity scene and no two are every the same. We’re even seeing some junk art “groupies” attend the auction every year with the intention of buying Mahlon’s piece.

Mahlon also submits some of his larger pieces to the Wayne County Fair for judging, garnering many ribbons and awards.

Seeing is believing, so whether you’re in the market for an interesting art piece or not, you’ll want to track down Mahlon’s Nativity in the Wood Auction. Photos don’t quite do it justice!

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